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Healthy Play Celebration in Glendale

The City of Glendale was awarded $154,299 from the California Park & Recreation Society (CPRS), in partnership with GameTime and Playcore, to promote the Statewide Healthy Play Initiative by replacing the existing playground equipment at Carr and Nibley Parks. The original playgrounds were installed over twelve years ago and were in desperate need of an upgrade to meet the growing needs of the community and to comply with the current safety and accessibility standards.

 The new research-based  playground design will undoubtedly enhance the quality of life for both children and adults in the City of Glendale by incorporating six key elements of play such as, brachiating, climbing, sliding, swinging, balancing, and spinning into all new play areas, which will  promote physical activity and fitness.

 The Community Services & Parks Department’s (CSP) commitment to developing an all-inclusive and accessible play areas received national recognition during CPRS’s annual Awards Program. The playground equipment at Carr and Nibley Parks were recently replaced to meet the Healthy Play Initiative standards, creating a welcoming and enjoyable place for all.

CSP, in partnership with CPRS, PlayCore, and Gametime will hold a Healthy Play Celebration to showcase the newly renovated playground at Carr Park.  Light refreshments will be provided.

This partnership has allowed the City of Glendale to provide valuable recreational settings and resources that will help shape the future of play. 


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