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Glendale PD Seize Rifles And Narcotics In Probation Arrests

The Glendale Police Department AB 109 Task Force conducted a probation compliance check at a residence in the 300 block of Chester Street in the City of Glendale. The AB 109 Task Force was conducting a compliance check involving 31 year old Selin Charmaholi, a convicted felon on probation for narcotic sales and subject to search and seizure conditions. Selin’s probation conditions prohibit her from possessing or accessing firearms.

The AB 109 Team confirmed that Selin lived at the Chester address; however, she was not home. The team conducted a search of the residence and located five handguns, three assault style rifles, six other style rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Six AR 15 lower mechanisms were also located inside the residence.

In addition, team members located Nunchaku, high capacity magazines and a small amount of cocaine. Selin’s brother, 34 year old Sergey Charmaholi, was found to be responsible for the cocaine that was located in the residence.

Both Sergey and Selin were arrested for weapons and narcotics violations.

Selin remains in custody on a no bail probation hold. Sergey has since posted bail.

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