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Reader Remarks on Monarch Butterflies

– Courtesy photo

Monarch butterflies by the thousand. Yes! I said thousand.

A cloud sent shade over my property this morning. I looked up for a cloud but saw hundreds upon hundreds of baby monarchs flying in a group overhead.

I rushed to grab my camera and ran outside to look for the source. Across the street at Longden Preschools parking lot trees is where they were coming from and flying west overhead towards Longden School by me. I was only able to photograph small clusters but they have been flying from those trees now for hours.

My neighbor saw a huge group last week down the street.

Could this be great news for preservation in Temple City? Are they growing in one of our trees like they do in Northern California? It’s a huge tourist market at this sight.

Are we along their path only? How can we find out or who do we call?

– M.H.


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