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Dear Editor: Make Sure to Neuter Feral Cats

The article about feral cats written by D. Papa was very interesting. Many people just feed feral and stray cats without trapping and neutering them, and then the overpopulation problem gets out of hand. Trapping cats takes a lot of patience and can be very tricky. I have trapped many cats and kittens and had them tested and vaccinated and neutered. Many were adopted and screening people takes a lot of time but it’s worth it.

If a female cat is not spayed she can have several litters in just one year, and then those kittens have kittens multiplying all out of proportion to the homes available.

If a cat is abandoned he is subject to eventual disease and/or starvation! They cannot fend for themselves. Call 1-877-SPAYPET, toll-free, for low-cost spay and neuter through Pet Assistance Foundation.

-C. Jensen

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